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Unlike many cleaning and lawn care operations that take on any client and as many clients as they can, we do not operate that way; quite the opposite.  We are a small boutique property service operator offering specialized professional services.  We are careful about who we work with and the types of properties we will caretake, we also limit the number of clients the we provide services for.  
We ideally seek individuals who are use to working with outside professional service providers, they expect to pay a premium for professional maintenance care. They listen to our recommendations and trust us to do the job they hired us for and understand that in the long-term it saves them time and money and most of all they always have peace of mind knowing their home, office or rental is a clean and healthy environment being detailed cleaned and landscaped by experienced staff who care.
We prefer to build long-term working relationships with our clients.  It is our desire to work with those who respect others, respect the local culture and understand in the beginning there may be a few growing pains and that those things naturally work themselves out over time.  Once we become familiar with the specific needs of your property we then create scheduled services.  Every property has ever-changing unique requirements and we customize our services for your property and if something is wrong or a mistake is made we all learn from it and do our best to avoid it again in the future.  
It is expensive to live in Hawaii and it is even more expensive to operate a business in Hawaii.  We pay our staff above industry average wages and we provide above average premium individualized cleaning and lawn care services. 
Offering cleaning and mowing services serving homes and offices in multiple Maui locations; Kihei, Wailea-Makena, Maalaea, Kahului & Wailuku. 

We have been property service managers for over 20 years.  Most of our experience is overseeing property maintenance for ocean front luxury vacation rentals.  We have years of combined experience working on many different islands; Nantucket, Bald Head Island, Marco Island, Maui and the Big Island.  Hawaii has always been apart of our lives.  We spent our summers as kids growing up on the Hamakua Coast and we have lived and worked on four of the main Hawaiian islands; Big Island, Maui, Oahu and Kauai. 

We have been fortunate to act as residents and tourist which has allowed us to experience many different property management operations from both perspectives.  Island life is wonderful, though owning property and managing a business located in a remote area with limited resources presents some unique challenges.  Understanding how to mange those challenges while enjoying an island lifestyle is our expertise.


Maui acted as our home base for many years and eventually it became our year round residence.  We work and play hard and visit all the islands often.  We are outdoor people and spend much of our free time on the water or exploring remote places.  We formed Maui Mop & Mow LLC soon after making Maui our full-time home.  We have managed island properties in many different environments and have put our multi-island backgrounds to good use, which our clients discover is to their advantage.

We understand its a combination of many small things and surpassing clients expectations that are the keys to creating long-term working relationships.  We enjoy our work and our island life and have created a small team who share our passions.  Operating a housekeeping and lawn care operation is not rocket science, but there is a certain level of art, love and science at play with everything we do.  



“Experienced professional team of housekeepers and landscapers who bring detailed service and care to every property”.

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